From time unknown, home-builders in the Indian sub-continent have been crafting abodes that are in consonance with natural forces; paying attention to the elements like soil structure, wind flow, presence of water bodies, and so on. To be honest, abodes in India are treated no different from a living-being, endowed with soul et al. Hence, much effort and focus is laid on ensuring that the dwelling not only provides for comfort and luxury but also has a positive impact on the fortunes of the inhabitants.

The objective of SAAGA INFRA PROJECTS (P) LTD draws much from the same ethos, to craft buildings that are in harmony with the elements and provide a healthy, luxurious and fortuitous life to the inhabitants.

We invite you to come and savour good life at SIPL projects, the place where even ‘good life gets a new definition’.

SAAGA INFRA PROJECTS (P) LTD is one of the pioneers in the field of redevelopment having a goldmine of experience in handling all kinds of projects from S.R.A., 33(7), MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) to private societies. SAAGA INFRA PROJECTS (P) LTD has till date successfully completed over approximately 2.5 million sq.ft. of construction under the leadership of  Uday S Surve, who is one of the most trusted names in the field with a vast expertise in all aspects of the realty market. Another 4 million sq.ft. of construction being in pipeline, the company continuously follows the standards of improving efficiency & effectiveness and strives for world class results with superior lifestyles. The attention to detail is integrated in every aspect, be it innumerable home amenities, well-researched outdoor facilities or the intricate architecture. Over a period of time SAAGA INFRA PROJECTS (P) LTD has created many a benchmark, which keep inspiring them to repeatedly outperform their peers and minding a higher standard of homes for the people.

SAAGA INFRA PROJECTS (P) LTD exclusively deals and manages redevelopment projects in and beyond Mumbai and even enjoys the pride of having its imprints not only in western & eastern suburbs, but, also in Thane. SIPL has achieved revolutionary status and remarkable importance in the redevelopment domain. With immeasurable knowledge and skills for over a decade, SIPL aspires to be a vital and prominent unit in the realty market, enhancing the lives of others.
As the city of Mumbai embraces the future, its old creaky buildings are being replaced by new swanky towers. Redevelopment is a sort of a magic wand that is completely changing the cityscape. Redevelopment basically refers to the process of reconstruction of the residential/commercial premises by demolition of the existing structure and construction of a new structure. This process entails the use of the land by exploiting additional TDR, FSI as specified under the Development Control Regulations of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). Redevelopment has been envisaged to rejuvenate Mumbai which is facing tremendous land shortage.

Over the past few years, as redevelopment gathers pace, SIPL has emerged on the horizon as a leading player in that space. In fact, SIPL is renowned as one of the pioneers in this space and had a rich experience in handling all kinds of redevelopment projects from SRA, 33(7), MHADA to private societies. With scores of projects undertaken and many more in the pipeline, SIPL is an active participant in changing the skyline of the city, today and in the days to come.
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